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Romanian-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or Romanian and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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Please clarify » answer
by Brummy Flo, 2018-04-20, 17:51  Spam?  92.237.203...
Nu ajung ca fac pauza

I’d just like to know if this was means I don’t get a break or give me a break (leave me alone)
None of them  #889938
by reninand (RO/GB), 2018-04-22, 14:11  Spam?  
This mean: I'm not gonna be there on time as I'm taking a break."
tu să fii ... » answer
by rachuler, 2018-04-07, 12:32  Spam?  149.154.201...

Can you help to translate the followimy sentence  ?

tu să fii, că eu sunt

Thanks a lot in advance
rachuler  #889414
by reninand (RO/GB), 2018-04-07, 16:30  Spam?  
Translation: "You to be, as I already, am"
If you don't understand too much is because this is taken from a certain context. I need the whole text in order to give you a meaning.
by rachuler, 2018-04-08, 00:15  Spam?  149.154.201...

There was no other text, before, or after.  Just this.
Please help me translate this from Romanian to English: Nu am pula până acola » answer
by abbey1111 (US), Last modified: 2018-03-06, 20:24  Spam?  
Nu am pula până acola
Please help me translate this from Romanian to English. Thanks!!
Abbey D.  #888161
by reninand (RO/GB), 2018-03-10, 23:52  Spam?  
Right form: Nu am pula până acolo.
Translation: My dick is not (so long) till there.
Means: I can't reach something. I can't touch something, being too far. I can't get involved in something, as is not my business.
Note: This is a very bad way to express something. The person who said it is not a very educated one.
Thank you  #888287
by abbey1111 (US), 2018-03-13, 15:15  Spam?  
Thank you so much!
ia zi ingere, mai poti? » answer
by jabenavi (UN), 2018-02-12, 14:04  Spam?  
Can anyone please translate for me the following sentence: "ia zi ingere, mai poti?". It seems to be a colloquial expression in Romanian language. Thanks.
jabenavi  #887769
by reninand (RO/GB), 2018-02-28, 23:19  Spam?  
Tell me, angel, are you still able to cope with the (usual) problems?
 ia zi ingere, mai poti?  #888324
by jabenavi (UN), 2018-03-14, 10:56  Spam?  
Thank you very much!
Voia este în tine » answer
by Aerten, 2017-12-03, 11:56  Spam?  110.143.228...
Can somebody please let me know if Voia este în tine is a good phrase in Romanian to write on a Christmas gift? It's for a person who has set very important goals, but is struggling to get to them :)  Pretty much it needs to be encouraging ... will it work ? Thanks!
by reninand (RO/GB), 2017-12-13, 00:36  Spam?  
Yes, is good.
Help with a message » answer
by krytsa, 2017-08-05, 19:52  Spam?  107.203.177....
Can someone help translate this message: Acum nu am translatorin lb.Englisho sa imi recomand .bine

Thank you,
Hello Mr. Scott Krytsa  #878836
by reninand (RO/GB), 2017-09-17, 12:32  Spam?  
First I'll put the text in a correct form:
"Acum nu am translator în limba engleză. O să îmi recomand. Bine."

  And the translation:
Now I ain't got a translator for the English language. I will recommend to me. Good (OK).

This is all. For me, doesn't make much sense, but ...
If any other questions..., I'm here. Bye, bye!!!
Lema Lema by Eva Salina  » answer
by mbargas, 2017-07-13, 18:26  Spam?  208.216.231...
I don't have the lyrics because I can't find them but I'm looking for translation of a song called Lema Lema by Eva Salina.  The song was originally sung by Šaban Bajramović.  Any help will be appreciated.  Thank you.
Hello mbargas  #878834
by reninand (RO/GB), 2017-09-17, 12:24  Spam?  
This song is not in Romanian language. I think is in Serbian. Sorry!
Can anyone translate this text for me? » answer
by Rolf1976, 2017-07-06, 15:05  Spam?  78.224.8....
Vezi ca eu plec daca e vezi tu pe unde dormi , eu nu ma duc cu fetele ca am alta treaba si plus ca nasa lu Bogdan nu fu asa cum ar fi trebuit sa fi.
Can anyone translate this text for me? » answer
by Rolf1976, 2017-07-06, 14:39  Spam?  78.224.8....
Vezi ca eu plec daca e vezi tu pe unde dormi , eu nu ma duc cu fetele ca am alta treaba si plus ca nasa lu Bogdan nu fu asa cum ar fi trebuit sa fi.
Hello Rolffie  #878833
by reninand (RO/GB), 2017-09-17, 12:20  Spam?  
First of all I'll try to put the text in a correct form:
"Vezi că eu plec! Dacă e..., vezi tu pe unde dormi. Eu nu mă duc cu fetele că am altă treabă și plus că nașa lui Bogdan nu fu (nu a fost) așa cum ar fi trebuit să fie."

  I am leaving (going out)! If is anything (any problem)... you will manage to sleep somewhere (you will find a place for you to sleep). I'm not gonna go with the girls because I've got to do other business (other thing) and, in top of this, Bogdan's godmother wasn't ok (wasn't as she should be).

  So, Mr. Rolf Paulisse, this is all. I hope you will understand. For any other questions I'm here to help. Bye!
What does this say? » answer
by Knockout⭐Judge, 2017-04-03, 23:17  Spam?  172.58.172...
mai devreme am dat rally cu 500 mii si am fscut 5 levele si erai si on si am zis sa dai acum dai singur
Hello Knockout  #868037
by reninand (RO/GB), 2017-04-04, 01:27  Spam?  
Earlier I gave (I did) "rally" with 500000 and I did 5 levels and you was "on" (on-line) and I said to you to join and now you give (play, run) alone.
Help translate » answer
by Sol21x, 2017-03-29, 17:12  Spam?  98.21.57...
Domnsul sa fie cu tine
Hi Sol  #867945
by reninand (RO/GB), 2017-04-02, 17:41  Spam?  
God be with you !
Help  translation  » answer
by Suds , 2017-03-27, 21:42  Spam?  24.19.69...
Da dar am sis ca o sun la 2 ca mis cu alt fata acum
by Suds , 2017-03-27, 21:44  Spam?  24.19.69...
Nu pot sa vb
Hi Suds  #867944
by reninand (RO/GB), 2017-04-02, 17:40  Spam?  
1. Yes, but I said that I will call (ring) her at 2 o'clock, because I'm with another girl for the moment
2. I can't speak (talk)
Kindly translate. » answer
by Rafa401, 2017-03-07, 23:35  Spam?  124.104.238...
tot la vbele mele ai aj, i am zis eu lu' Rafi ca aici se ajunge..patul tau dar tot pe muzica mea :))
Hello Rafa401  #866500
by reninand (RO/GB), 2017-03-10, 00:33  Spam?  
Corect romanian form:
  1. Tot la vorbele mele ai ajuns.
  2. I-am zis eu lui Rafi (short form for Rafa or Rafael etc.) că aici se ajunge.
  3. Patul tău, dar tot pe muzica mea.

  1. You are at a point (level) which I told you about.
  2. I told Rafi (Rafa, Rafael etc.) that the situation will reach this point (level).
  3. (it is...) ...Your bed, but still on my music (song, melody).

 Between me and you..., I don't understand the meaning of the last sentence but, for sure, is depending on context. If you give me more text I will, probable, help you more.
 Bye now !!!
Can someone please please translate!!!  » answer
by Clob, 2017-02-26, 21:45  Spam?  37.228.234....
Can someone please translate this for me :( - vreau sa vb cu stii adevarul
Would really really appreciate a reply on thisale guys :)
Answer1234  #865851
by CB1233, 2017-02-28, 19:13  Spam?  82.132.238...
I want to talk to you, to know the truth..
Sau ar trebui sa zic ca-i ca tine » answer
by What does it mean?, 2017-02-19, 13:04  Spam?  175.156.142....
Hello Mr. Noname  #865597
by reninand (RO/GB), 2017-02-23, 23:13  Spam?  
This is the second part of a phrase. I'll use some dots for the first part. So the translation is: "..... or I should say that you are right."
I need help with this please » answer
by JimmySmash, 2017-02-05, 01:46  Spam?  176.25.211....
când tu ma respingi altcineva începe sa ma placa
Jimmy Smash  #864809
by reninand (RO/GB), 2017-02-12, 19:23  Spam?  
When you keep me away (push me out), somebody else is starting to like me.
Context of the sentence  » answer
by Adam G, 2016-11-09, 22:36  Spam?  94.5.119....
Noapte liniștită la toată familia ta!

I believe it means; quiet night to your entire family. But is this a nice thing to say or aggressive?
Hello Adam  #858219
by reninand (RO/GB), 2016-11-10, 20:57  Spam?  
I would translate like: " (I wish) a peaceful night to whole your family ! " and definitely is a nice thing to say to somebody when goes to sleep, next to his/her family.
Romanian Poster » answer
by Asgeir, 2016-10-27, 16:22  Spam?  46.239.202....

I have a poster from the 1989 revolution in Romania,

I believe it was made by the political opposition in Romania after the Ceausescu regime had been toppled.

I feel certain that it is a poster meant to criticize the government that came to power after the revolution.

It's quite a simple poster showing a human eye and a key

It reads:

Noi stim

Si vedem

Si fará

Please note that the there is a small line under the s in "stim" and "si".

I gather that "Noi stim" means "We know" or "We understand"  and that "vedem" means "we see". I have no idea what "si fara" refers to.

Could someone please translate these sentences for me and put them into context?

Any further information on the poster and it's meaning/origin etc. would be deeply appreciated!

Thank you and best regards.

A. Sverrisson
Hello Asgeir  #857392
by reninand (RO/GB), 2016-10-30, 23:09  Spam?  
Can you send me the picture of that poster because must be a link between the text and the picture.
  You're right, it's a bit of nonsense.
  I suppose that the meaning could be:

Noi știm                                =   we know
Și vedem                               =   and we see

picture of a key                      =   the key

Și fără                                   =   even without

picture of an eye                    =   a proper eye

As I said, I want to see the poster, please !!!
by Asgeir, 2016-10-31, 15:27  Spam?  46.239.202....
Hello Reninad.

Thanks for your help. If you send me an email asgeirsve(at) I will send you a picture as soon as possible.

Thank you
OK  #857441
by reninand (RO/GB), Last modified: 2016-10-31, 23:38  Spam?  
I'm sending the conversation between my Girlfriend and The other guy.. Please help me » answer
by Nab , 2016-10-21, 07:07  Spam?  49.205.18...
Guy: Lesi la o tzigara
My Gf: Acum am vazut mesaju!
Guy: Tu cf
My Gf: In pat
Guy: Deci nu mai iesi
My Gf: Dorm pe mine
to Nab  #863397
by reninand (RO/GB), 2017-01-22, 23:41  Spam?  
Guy: Come out to have a fag!
My Gf: I've just seen the text (sms, chat or email)
Guy: How are you?
My Gf: I rest in bed
Guy: So, ... you not coming out?
My Gf: I'm very sleepy
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